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impressions over a period of years and which honest thinking Japanese must also admit.
I am not here to lecture on Japanese racial characteristics, but merely to point out that technically and militarily Japan has risen to the stature of an imperialist power, but morally she is yet totally unqualified. The Japanese level is, for instance, far below the British level. The point is, rather, that the character of Japanese treatment of the Chinese population cannot be changed. The Japanese authorities in Tokyo are forced therefore to the other dilemma: to expect this savagery to go on, but to hope that the sheer weight of savagery will force the Chinese to become demoralized and to give up the fight. Of course, the result will be exactly the opposite.
I do not know whether to attribute it to Japanese lack of subtlety or to Japanese lack of humour when Japan refuses to see that Japan is the godfather of the Chinese anti-Japanese movement, and that every Chinese has the right to hate all that Japan stands for in her policy towards China. Unable or unwilling to admit that the Chinese so bravely defended Shanghai because each individual soldier hated the Japanese, the Japanese have circulated the story that Chinese soldiers did not run away from the front, in spite of attacks by enemy aeroplanes, tanks and artillery, only because Chiang stationed regiments behind to shoot them if they attempted to fall back. The real explanation, sad though it may be, is that behind the Chinese soldiers stand the ghosts of their violated sisters, mothers and wives and murdered babies urging them to go on. This army of ghosts of violated women and murdered babies will increase as the war goes on and will follow the Chinese soldiers wherever they go. If therefore it is the object of the Japanese military machine to bomb and murder and rape the Chinese into love of Japan, and to kill every anti-Japanese Chinese, they will have to kill every decent, self-respecting Chinese man, woman and child among the 400,000,000. That the Japanese are perfectly sincere and desirous of stamping out this anti-Japanese feeling is beyond question, and their seriousness about it makes it so tragic. They do not seem to realize that there -are certain things that